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"Neglected Computers Hamper FBI; Ancient Systems Slow
Chicago Tribune (08/08/01) P. 1N; Bendavid, Naftali 

In an age when criminals are increasingly resorting to
computers for embezzlement, pornography, and other crimes, the
FBI's internal computer system is woefully anachronistic. The
agency's network does not connect with the outside, making it
impossible for agents to access the Web or send email, and
though some offices have computers with links to the Internet,
they have to be shared, often by more than 10 agents per one
computer. The system is so outdated that agents are forced to
use old software, because that is all they can support,
frequently causing vast delays in investigations and lost
information. Experts say that what a normal computer owner can
do in just minutes might take an FBI agent hours, and some
have blamed this for recent agency blunders, such as the
Robert Hanssen and Tim McVeigh fiascos. The new FBI chief has
pledged to make technology upgrading a top priority. Last
year, Bob Dies, an IT expert formerly with IBM, was called in
to renovate the bureau's computer systems. He persuaded
Congress to allocate $300 million for the project, but says
that even when the task is finished in two years, the FBI will
still be well behind the level of most businesses.

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