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Al-Qaida gets at atomic energy board site 
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 Oct. 25. Al-Qaida Online procured documents and maps after hacking
Atomic Energy Regulatory Boards website and left a message for Mr Atal 
Behari Vajpayee at another site. The organisation
has hacked eight more websites. 

G-Force took away three documents, including maps, from www.aerb.gov.in. 
They didnt disclose the details of the documents.
G-Forces Dr Nuker thus carried out his threat of attacking this site 
when he defaced www.zeenews.com on Tuesday. He had
again threatened to target Zee News. 

Anti-India Crew left a message for Mr Vajpayee on the department of 
molecular reproduction development and genetics
defaced site www.mrdg.iisc.ernet.in. Claiming that Indians carried out 
lame attacks on Sialkot, recently they said: You dont
really want to push us Mr Indian Prime Minister? We proved you lame 
everywhereeven in real or this cyber worldadmit it ! The
sites which were hacked this evening include www.serc.iisc.ernet.in of 
Bangalores Supercomputer Education and Research
Centre, Indian Institute of Science, and Integrated Library Systems 
www.libsys.co.in. They used the defaced sites to settle
scores with Mr Kim Schmitz and his anti-terror hacking group, Yihat. It 
disclosed G-Forces co-founders identity and contact
information to the FBI on Monday. Mr Schmitz, alias Kimble, earlier shot 
to fame for his $ 10-million reward for capturing
Osama Bin Laden. Yihat is the abbreviation for Young Intelligent Hackers 
Against Terrorism. 

The other defaced sites include www.aiims.ac.in of All India Institute 
of Medical Sciences, hamsadvani.serc.iisc.ernet.in,
mxns.leverjohnson.co.in of Lever Johnson and www.criclive.com. At 
criclive.com, G-Force listed 19 more sites which they
defaced that day. 

G-Forces message for Yihat at criclive.com was: Hi, you pathetic pieces 
of hypocritical script kiddies. All they want is
attention. They gave some information on one of our members! We are 
shivering! Arent we scared! Come on catch me baby!
Watch attacks on kill.net and kimble.org. You asked for it you pathetic 

The Anti India Crew on the defaced AIIMS site said: Hacked again as 
promised. You see this is serious.. At the Department
of Molecular Reproduction site they left a message for Mr Schmitz We 
will own (hack) you. Is that the best way to gain
attention, by reporting fellow hackers to FBI? You cant really stop all 
the online Muslim hackers to unite. And you cant even
secure yourself from us. Dont push us.this is not even a threat. Try me! 
The G-Forces own website was removed by the
owner. Their site www.gforcep.addr.com was hosted at the free hosting 
provider addr.com It publicised their hacking, carried
their propaganda and also provided hacking tips. 

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