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"Pentagone" virus spreads rapidly
By Robert Lemos
Staff Writer, CNET News.com
December 4, 2001, 10:50 a.m. PT
A mass-mailing e-mail worm started to spread quickly Tuesday, prompting anti-virus 
software makers to advise their customers to upgrade their virus definitions.

Dubbed Pentagone, Goner or Gone, the Visual Basic Script program spreads via e-mail 
and the messaging system ICQ. On infected computers, it stops most anti-virus and 
security programs.

"We are kind of seeing it follow the sun at the moment," said Mark Sunner, chief 
technology officer for e-mail service provider MessageLabs. "It has been waiting in 
in-trays of people coming into work."

MessageLabs has captured more than 16,000 e-mails containing copies of the worm, said 
Sunner, adding that the rate, now at about 100 messages per minute, is increasing.

The worm arrives in a message with the subject "Hi" and the following text in the body 
of the e-mail:

How are you ?
When I saw this screensaver, I immediately thought about you
I am in a harry, I promise you will love it!

Attached to the message is what appears to be a screensaver file, Gone.scr, a 
compressed copy of the worm.

When the file is opened, Pentagone will infect the victim's PC, stopping a variety of 
anti-virus and security applications and deleting all the files in the folders 
containing those applications. Kaspersky Labs AVP, Zone Labs' ZoneAlarm, and Internet 
Security Systems' Black Ice are among the programs affected.

After eliminating the security on the computer, the worm then installs a backdoor 
program linked to mIRC, a popular Internet Relay Chat program. The backdoor can be 
used to execute denial-of-service attacks against IRC servers.

In addition, the virus also attempts to spread using e-mail and ICQ.

Anti-virus software makers have been inundated with calls from customers who have been 
infected or seen copies of the worm.

"It is extremely widespread," said April Goostree, virus research manager for 
McAfee.com. "We are seeing both corporate and home users being hit. We consider it an 
outbreak because of how fast it's spreading in so short a period."

Rival Trend Micro has had about 22 corporate customers complain about the virus and 
has given it a high threat rating.

David Perry, global director of education for TrendMicro, has decided that computer 
users may never be security-conscious enough to avoid getting infected.

"Every time enough time goes by that people forget to be wary of these things, it pops 
up again," he said. "Apparently, we have to resign ourselves to the fact that 
education doesn't work."

Pentagone isn't the only virus spreading significantly. Variants of the Nimda virus 
and a variant of the BadTrans virus are topping virus charts this month.

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