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Fleet credit card Web site flawed
Hole exposes hundreds of thousands of transaction records

By Bob Sullivan

      Dec. 7 —  A Fleet Credit Card Services customer has discovered a serious flaw in 
one of the bank’s Web sites, apparently revealing private details of hundreds of 
thousands of transactions. The details, viewed by MSNBC.com, include Social Security 
numbers, account numbers, places of employment, and annual income. The site, 
mycard.fleet.com, is used by Fleet credit card customers to maintain their credit card 
accounts. The flaw had not been fixed as of 8 p.m. ET on Friday.

               FLEET CREDIT CARD SERVICES, a division of FleetBoston Financial, was 
advised of the problem around 4 p.m. ET on Friday, according to customer Jonathan 
Bryce. He found the flaw while checking his account earlier in the day.

Bryce contacted MSNBC.com after the company failed to return his phone calls. A 
spokesperson for Fleet said he wasn’t able to immediately comment on the situation.

       The hole makes it possible to view records of transactions recorded at the site 
dating back to April of 2000. Many of the transactions are mundane address request 
changes or simple balance transfers that don’t reveal any private information. But 
others include much private information, including everything needed for identity 
          It appears that nearly 600,000 transaction records are exposed to the flaw.

      Bryce, a Web developer for RackSpace Managed Hosting in San Antonio, found the 
bug at work “out of curiosity.” He said he generally likes Fleet and the company’s Web 
site because it offers great flexibility and allows him to maintain multiple accounts.

       But he was frustrated by the bank’s lack of responsiveness to his call to 
report the

       “I’m a customer and I want this fixed ... everything I’ve ever done there is 
viewable by anyone right now,” Bryce said. “I spoke with three different people there, 
customer service types. One said the IT department was moving and they couldn’t get 
anyone to talk to me, maybe not until Monday.”

       Fleet Credit Card Services is headquartered north of Philadelphia in Horsham, 
Penn. Fleet provides consumer credit card, credit products and related services 
throughout the U.S. According to a recent company statement, the firm has over 9 
million accounts and $15 billion in managed receivables, making it the ninth largest 
Visa/MasterCard issuer in the nation.

       It is not immediately known how many of those cardholders use the 
mycard.fleet.com Web site to maintain their accounts.

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