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FBI Warns of Internet Terrorism
Online Municipal Information Systems May Be Targets
The Associated Press

Jan. 17  The FBI warned law enforcement and high-tech companies to be on guard for 
possible terrorist activity that could use or affect the Internet, government 
officials said.

The alert warned of possible attacks on or through utility, municipal and state 
information systems, said Gordon Johndroe, spokesman for the White House office of 
homeland security.

It was not specific in its time frame or geographic area, he said Wednesday.

The warning went to 18,000 law enforcement agencies and some technology firms, an FBI 
official said.

The official said the alert, issued by the FBI's infrastructure-protection arm, was 
less urgent than the general alerts the Bush administration has issued to all 

The government has called on law enforcement personnel across the nation to remain 
vigilant against domestic terrorism until March 11, extending a standing alert through 
the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.


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