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"Police Seek Grant to Boost Fight Against Cybercrime" 
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (01/22/02) P. Metro-1; Spangler,

Police detectives with the economic crimes unit in
Arlington, Texas, are among the very few computer forensics
specialists in the state. Cybercrime is one of the most
rapidly growing crime sectors, according to unit supervisor
Sgt. James Crouch. Texas' governor awarded the department
$70,000 training and special computer data extraction
equipment. Last year, detectives confiscated 43 computers,
conducted 43 search warrants, and closed eight internet
child pornography cases, three forgery cases, two sexual
assault, and one credit card abuse case. Lee Curtis,
president of the nonprofit Virginia-based High Technology
Crime Investigation Association, says computer forensics
presents a continuous learning curve for officers, but
generally, the assignment span is only about three years for
most officers in the unit, so they never really have an
opportunity to become proficient. The agency is one among a
handful that promotes the sharing of high-tech crime
intelligence, and offers computer forensics training to law
enforcement officers and private investigators.

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