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The latest weapon in anti-terror arsenal


EW DELHI: According to senior officials, tracking e-mails of arrested terrorists has 
become a foolproof method of gaining hard evidence.

"There can be no fooling around with an e-mail IDs and passwords," says an official of 
the Intelligence Bureau, "Once a terrorist is caught his e-mail IDs can be 
cross-checked immediately. So, he better be telling the truth. Phone records or other 
statements require a time lag before they can be confirmed," he adds.

Of course, the fact that the modern generation terrorist is generally educated and 
tech-savvy helps.

Officials say, whether it is Aftab Ansari or Omar Sheikh or for that matter, even a 
Dawood Ibrahim or a Chhota Shakeel, the kind of information that has been generated 
now would not have been possible without accessing their e-mails.

Investigators are still grappling with more information about the attackers on the 
Parliament, as they have not been able to break into their e-mails as yet.

"Most of the current lot of criminals have become extremely chary of using their 
phones given the past record of tapping by intelligence agencies. However, they felt 
free exchanging critical information on the Internet," says the official.

It is through a series of e-mail exchanges between Ansari and Sheikh that the 
involvement of the two in the WTC attack has been confirmed. Interrogators of Ansari 
here got hold of several of his e-mail IDs, [EMAIL PROTECTED], 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] to connect to the series of e-mail exchanges between him 
and Sheikh.

The CBI and the IB used e-mail interception technology to track Ansari by tracing his 
e-mails in January, first to servers in Dubai and then to Islamabad. The local 
Internet service provider was roped in to determine the exact location from which 
Ansari had sent an e-mail which turned out to be Islamabad.

Even in the case of Sheikh, the police in Karachi, helped by a cyber-tracking team 
from the FBI, traced the three men who had sent the e-mails about Pearl's abduction to 
the media. The arrested men lead them on to Sheikh. The authorities then picked up 
Sheikh's in-laws from Lahore, exerting pressure on him to surrender.

Earlier, Intelligence agencies had cracked into the e-mail IDs of Dawood Ibrahim and 
Chhota Shakeel to confirm their presence in Pakistan post December 13.


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