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The Domestic Preparedness Support Listserv is an electronic dissemination tool 
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preparedness, weapons of mass destruction, and counter terrorism issues. The listserv 
will include a daily update on terrorism activities around the world. It will also 
include a semi-monthly update on domestic preparedness issues such as events, new ODP 
programs, Fact Sheets, and announcements.

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Sample Issue Below (todays issue)
The information in this update is found on the Internet. Points of view or
opinions expressed in this update do not necessarily represent the official
position or policies of the Office for Domestic Preparedness (ODP) or the
U.S. Department of Justice.

Tuesday, April 2, 2002


4/2 (Washington Times) President Bush, who has long equated terrorists with
those who harbor them, yesterday carved out an exception for Yasser Arafat
because the Palestinian leader "has agreed to a peace process."

4/2 (Washington Post) Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said yesterday
that Iran, Iraq and Syria are "inspiring and financing a culture of
political murder and suicide bombing," linking all three Middle Eastern
nations to terrorist attacks against Israel.

4/2 (Washington Times) The Clinton administration shut down a 1995
investigation of Islamic charities, concerned that a public probe would
expose Saudi Arabia's suspected ties to a global money-laundering operation
that raised millions for anti-Israel terrorists, federal officials told The
Washington Times.

4/1 (AP) Federal prosecutors said Monday that a man has pleaded guilty to
conspiracy and agreed to testify about a cigarette smuggling ring that
allegedly funneled money, weapons and supplies to the Hezbollah terrorist


4/1 (CNN) The Kurdish rebel group the PKK is to abandon its violent struggle
against Turkey and pursue a more legitimate political route, its leader has
said. <http://europe.cnn.com/2002/WORLD/europe/03/30/turkey.pkk/index.html>

Middle East

4/2 (Jerusalem Post) A major disaster was averted in downtown Jerusalem last
night when a Palestinian suicide bomber heading toward the city center blew
himself up in his car after being stopped by a policeman. The policeman was
killed in the blast.

4/2 (MSNBC) With its military sweep of Palestinian cities and camps, Israel
has set out to hunt down hundreds of suspected militants and terrorists,
among them some of Yasser Arafatís political and security lieutenants, a
senior Israeli security official said today.

4/2 (Washington Times) Israeli officials said yesterday they had discovered
counterfeiting equipment and stacks of bogus bank notes in the basement of
the Ramallah building where Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has been
confined in his headquarters since last week. A widespread search of
Ramallah also turned up a workshop in a booby-trapped apartment, where belts
for suicide bombings were being made, officials said.

4/1 (MSNBC) There is, it seems, a seemingly endless supply of suicide
bombers with unlimited support from Iran and Palestinians around the world.
And recently, millions of dollars from Saddam Hussein.


4/2 (Washington Post) A man captured in Pakistan last week has been
positively identified as Abu Zubaida, the chief of al Qaeda operations
outside Afghanistan and the highest-ranking lieutenant of Osama bin Laden
taken alive since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, according to U.S. and
Pakistani officials.

4/2 (Philippine Star) The so-called Indigenous People?s Federal State Army
(IPFSA), which has admitted responsibility for the recent bomb scare that
gripped Metro Manila and parts of Mindanao, said yesterday at least 10 more
such "explosives" remain hidden and that more would be planted in various
parts of Metro Manila.

4/2 (BBC) Pakistan's Foreign Ministry has confirmed that security agencies
have arrested five Sudanese nationals who were taking training in flying

4/2 (Straits Times) Abu Sayyaf bandits in the southern Philippines are
sending ransom money to Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda network, Manila's Justice
Minister said yesterday.

4/2 (CNN) Frequently calling each other "brother," Pakistani President
Pervez Musharraf and interim Afghan leader Hamid Karzai have promised to
wipe out terrorism and terrorist sanctuaries in their nations.

4/2 (Washington Post) Islamic nations failed to come up with a common
definition of terrorism on Tuesday, saying the United Nations was
best-placed to rule on the concept.

4/2 (BBC) The Indian Government has outlawed two militant organisations
under the provisions of the recently introduced Prevention of Terrorism Act.

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