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"FBI to Divulge More Carnivore Details" 
CNet (03/27/02); Mariano, Gwendolyn 

U.S. District Judge James Robertson issued a court order
this week requiring the FBI to disclose more detailed
records about the Carnivore email surveillance system as
well as the EtherPeek network management device. The FBI was
sued by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) to
release Carnivore records under the Freedom of Information
Act out of concern that the system could be abused. Out of
1,957 documents searched, only 1,665--mainly of a technical
nature--were made available to EPIC, according to the order.
EPIC says that documents pertaining to legal and policy
issues were conspicuously absent. "I think now--especially
after Sept. 11 when these kinds of techniques are likely to
increase in use--it's even more important that information
be made public and how the techniques are being used and how
the Justice Department sees the legal issues," declares EPIC
General Counsel David Sobel. The FBI contends that Carnivore
is only deployed when a court approves its use in federal
investigations. http://news.com.com/2100-1023-870028.html 

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