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As racist and new fascist forces gain popularity in many European countries, the most recent local elections in Spain saw the widespread entry of social movement platforms into the city parliaments. From the micropolitical experiences of the last decade, the movement against forced evictions, the occupations, assemblies and working groups of 15M, the municipalist movement was born. This issue of transversal aims to discuss the practices and processes, strategies and operations that collect in the multiple experience of municipalism, their failures and successes, their possible translation beyond the borders of the Spanish State.

Beyond the simple opposition of movement and institution, it has been and continues to be not a mere question of taking over the institutions in the Spanish cities, but of testing a new institutionality, instituent practices and constituent processes. Traversing the national structures of centralist politics, under the radar of the transnational economic flows, a virulent movement emerged in waves across Spain, which carries the potential to mushroom beyond the Spanish borders: towards a concrete assemblage of rebellious cities in Europe, but also to a confluence that overflows all given scalings, from the smallest local context of the village or city neighborhood to the translocal formation of monster municipalisms.


*Montserrat Galceran*: The struggle for social change reaches the institutions*
mac^1 : *The Municipalist Manifesto*
Kelly Mulvaney*: Translating constituent process, or the political work of translation
*Gerald Raunig*: Confluences
*Francesco Salvini*: Instituting on the threshold
*Manuela Zechner*: Let's play? Citizenship, subjectivity and becoming in municipalism*

This issue is part of the upcoming project **/Midstream/**.*

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