Dear   This is with reference to our meeting on 
1-07-2016 (date) when we visited your factory in connection with purchase of 
your product. We are pleased to place an order for your product against item 
number  and size  We would appreciate if the order is delivered at the address 
given below  so that we can start selling it to customer the onset of summers. 
 The terms and conditions of the purchase order are as follows: 1. Order for 
your product with item number  and size . 2. Delivery will be made at the 
address mentioned above. 3. The order should be delivered latest by. 4. 100% 
payment will be made on delivery. 5. If the order is not delivered by the due 
date, please consider it as cancelled. 6. The price per pair, as mutually 
agreed, is usd.  inclusive of all taxes. We hope to have a long business 
relationship with you. Please feel free to contact the undersigned for any 
clarifications or discrepancy in the order details.  Best regards,

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