On Jan  9 18:31, Johnny Willemsen wrote:
> Hi,
> Posted this last Friday but didn't got anything back. I think this is a bug
> in the pthread library of Cygwin. Can someone have a look at this?
> Johnny 
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> Subject: Question about pthread_key_create
> Hi all,
> A question, I had a look at the implementation of pthread_key_create. When
> an invalid key is passed, a EBUSY is returned. This looks very strange to
> me, isn't it better to return EINVAL just as the pthread_key_delete does?

No, that's not a bug.  Please read the SUSv3 description for
pthread_key_create() here:


Please note especially the chapter

  RATIONALE/Non-Idempotent Data Key Creation.

It should sufficiently describe why returning EBUSY in this case isn't
such a bad idea.  Unfortunately, the SUSv3 definition left the actual
behaviour open to the implementation.  Another implementation could also
reset the data key to NULL in subsequent calls to pthread_key_create().
Either way, the bottom line is, don't call pthread_key_create() more
than once for the same data key.


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