The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* cygwin-3.2.0-1
* cygwin-devel-3.2.0-1
* cygwin-doc-3.2.0-1

This is a new major release.

What's new:

- Revamped pseudo console support.  Conditionally activating it only when
  a non-cygwin application is run.

- New C11 threads API: call_once, cnd_broadcast, cnd_destroy, cnd_init,
  cnd_signal, cnd_timedwait, cnd_wait, mtx_destroy, mtx_init, mtx_lock,
  mtx_timedlock, mtx_trylock, mtx_unlock, thrd_create, thrd_current,
  thrd_detach, thrd_equal, thrd_exit, thrd_join, thrd_sleep, thrd_yield,
  tss_create, tss_delete, tss_get, tss_set.

- In cygwin console, new thread which handles special keys/signals such
  as Ctrl-Z (VSUSP), Ctrl-\ (VQUIT), Ctrl-S (VSTOP), Ctrl-Q (VSTART) and
  SIGWINCH has been introduced. There have been a long standing issue
  that these keys/signals are handled only when app calls read() or
  select(). Now, these work even if app does not call read() or select().

- fchmodat(2) now has limited support for the AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW flag.

- Cygwin now recognizes native Windows AF_UNIX sockets (as regular
  files, not as socket files).  This allows tools like 'ls' and 'rm'
  to work.

What changed:

- Allow ~5000 child processes per process on 64 bit, ~1200 child processes
  per process on 32 bit.  So far, only 256 child processes per process were

- A few FAQ updates.

- Have tmpfile(3) make use of Win32 FILE_ATTRIBUTE_TEMPORARY via open(2)
  flag O_TMPFILE.

  flag to allow simpler unlink of files with DOS readonly flags set.

- getdtablesize(3), sysconf(_SC_OPEN_MAX), and
  getrlimit(RLIMIT_NOFILE) now return the true limit on the number of
  open descriptors, 3200.  Previously they returned the current size
  of Cygwin's internal file descriptor table, which can grow

- facl(2) now fails with EBADF on a file opened with O_PATH.

- Allow to start Windows Store executables via their "app execution
  aliases".  Handle these aliases (which are special reparse points)
  as symlinks to the actual executables.

Bug Fixes

- Iterate at least 4 times over pthread_key_t destructors per POSIX.

- The pthread_yield declaration in pthread is now visible by default
  or when defining _BSD_SOURCE, too.

- Fix SEGV in modfl call.

- Fix a collision of offical and internally used file flags.

- Fix assertion failure on an invalid path under /proc/<pid>/fd/.

- Fix crash on stat(2)'ing /dev/ptmx on 32 bit.

- Fix return value of sqrtl on negative infinity.

- Fix a path handling problem if there is a WSL symlink in PATH.

- Fix a bug in fstatat(2) on 32 bit that could cause it to return garbage.

- Fix the errno when a path contains .. and the prefix exists but is
  not a directory.

- Fix the return value when ptsname_r(3) is called with a bad file descriptor

- Fix path handling in case the Cygwin installation dir is accessed via
  a Windows junction point.

- Fix potential handle leaks when dup'ing descriptors

- Fix a bug that could cause fstat(2) to return incorrect results on a FIFO.

- Fix some system calls on AF_LOCAL sockets that are not socket files.

- Fix access to block devices under /proc/sys.

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