Please upload the new and long overdue ImageMagick package. Actually
this are four packages, find links below.

Since upstream version 6.3.8-5 of ImageMagick the following changes
were made by the ImageMagick team:

 /usr/include => /usr/include/ImageMagick
 libMagick => libMagickCore
 libWand => libMagickWand
 Magick-config (deprecated) => MagickCore-config
 Wand-config (deprecated) => MagickWand-config

These were obviously ABI incompatible changes, but instead of
increasing the library version number they reset it to one.

In previous versions, we used to pack all the runtime libraries
libMagick, libWand and libMagick++ in a libMagick10 package.

To avoid confusion with a new runtime library package that has
a smaller version number I decided to rename it to
libImageMagick1.  This means that all packages compiled against
the libMagick-devel package need to include a dependency to the
libImageMagick1 package.

Please upload:

Please keep the versions of the packages and delete all
older versions, except the newest versions of the libMagick6 and
libMagick10 runtime libraries.


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