I'm trying to remove emacs-24.5-3 (and its subpackages) from the distro. It's currently a test release. To do this, I created empty files -emacs-24.5-3-src.tar.xz, etc., in my upload area, as well as a new setup.hint that no longer lists 24.5-3 as a test release.

calm complained:

ERROR: package 'emacs' stability 'test' selects non-existent version '24.5-3'

and similarly for the subpackages. Apparently calm's validation used the existing setup.hint, which lists 24.5-3 as a test release, rather than the new one I uploaded.

Pending a fix to calm, can someone manually remove 24.5-3 and move my new setup.hint files to the release area? I'm ready to upload emacs-25.1-1, but I don't want 24.5-3 to show up as the previous release.



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