Jon Turney writes:
> Firstly, this doesn't do what's wanted (always use Base64 encoded
> hashes), as the hash is only computed here if it's not available from
> a sha512.sum file (which mirror maintenance scripts on sourceware
> generate for us)
> So, I guess the correct change would be to re-encode the sha512 hashes
> from hex to base64 somewhere.

OK, then that's the correct solution.

> I'm not sure I really see the value in that, though.  It would reduce
> the length of the hashes from 86 to 128 characters, so setup.ini gets
> somewhat less that 33% smaller, but I'm sceptical that the size of the
> compressed setup.ini file changes much.

It shrinks by about 4% when compressed as .xz last I looked, but more
importantly for me anyway is that more of the lines don't wrap when I
look at those files.

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