On 9/8/16, 1:03 AM, Mark Geisert wrote:

>I've changed Subject: to reflect what's being discussed now.  When we
>have a
>consensus cygfuse I'll issue an ITP for it.
>I've now updated the cygfuse repository on GitHub so it is more neutral
>FUSE implementations.  It can be seen at
>https://github.com/mgeisert/cygfuse .
>I've also read up a little on Dokan and Dokany, so I should be able to
>respond to any comments Adrien might have about the updated cygfuse.

Mark, has there been any additional progress on this?

Looking at the updated cygfuse I believe one change would be to rename
cygfuse.pc back to fuse.pc so that build configuration scripts can find
it. I have created a github issue for this.

Other than that I would think that the package would be ready for
submission. Any changes to support additional projects like Dokany, etc.
could easily happen in the future when those projects are ready.


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