On 06/20/2016 10:28 AM, Jon Turney wrote:
> Currently, the setup.hint file is shared between all versions.
> This means that manual intervention (by the package maintainer, or on
> sourceware) is needed when versions have different dependencies.
> To automate this problem out of existence, I suggest replacing the
> setup.hint file in an upload with a package-version-release.hint file.
> This will be basically identical to the existing setup.hint, with the
> advantage that it can't be trampled on by a future version, with the
> following changes:
> * 'skip' doesn't seem meaningful on a per-version basis.  Since it seems
> we can automatically detect packages which should have this applied
> anyhow (see the discussion in [1]), I'd suggest ignoring this hint, to
> be retired at some future date.
> * 'curr', 'prev' and 'test' don't make sense on a per-version basis.  So
> I suggest a separate file for these version overrides (versions.hint?)
> cygport will be updated to create a pvr.hint rather than setup.hint

It seems like the normal 'cygport foo.cygport upload' would be
responsible for just pushing a single pvr.hint.  I wonder if it would
make sense to add a new cygport command, 'cygport foo.cygport override
prev=pvr1 curr=pvr2 test=pvr3' that is responsible for pushing a new
override.hint (and nothing else), where the prev, curr, and test
parameters are optional according to what is desired (if all three are
omitted, push a directive to delete any existing override.hint and fall
back to normal version picking).

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