On 13/10/16 18:05, Bastian Germann wrote:
it's almost 4 weeks since I submitted the package. Is there something
wrong with my email to not be answered? I think, I followed the
Contributor's Guide pretty close.

Is someone willing to review the package?

It's probably only polite for /someone/ on the list to reply, although in fairness I'm probably not the most qualified person to do so. You may be aware that Cygwin package maintainers are mostly volunteers who have to juggle real life (jobs, families, etc.) with Open Source work. The bulk of Cygwin packages are maintained by a surprisingly small number of individuals, and sometimes real life demands mean that there is little time to review new contributions. That's not to say that new packages aren't wanted (they are), it's just that occasionally there is no-one with sufficient time to undertake a review. 'alure' isn't too big, but any package the size of 'gambas3' is going to take quite some time to pick through.

The other problem with 'alure' is one of scope: I'm not sure how many maintainers are interested or familiar with sound on Cygwin. Yaakov or Marco would probably have the best knowledge to perform a review, but it depends on their availability. It's certainly a couple of years since I last dabbled with sound on Cygwin.


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