2016-10-17 21:38 GMT+02:00 Ken Brown <kbr...@cornell.edu>:
> That happens because DYNLOAD is not defined.  If you build with DYNLOAD
> defined, it links fine.  There is one glitch that has to be fixed when you
> do that.  The build detects windows.h and then doesn't include dlfcn.h.
> [See main.h, lines 17--31.]  So I edited CMakeLists.txt so as to trick the
> build into not defining HAVE_WINDOWS_H.  I don't know enough about cmake to
> know the right way to handle this.
> Ken

The problem with using DYNLOAD is that the loaded file names would
have to be patched.
And if there is an alure 1.x release, DYNLOAD will be removed as of

I updated the packages according to Marco's suggestions and will
further investigate the FLAC issue.

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