Jon Turney writes:
>> Do you have an idea yet why the last package gets orphaned (or did, if
> 'Yet'?  This is the first time I've heard of this!

Right you are.  I thought I had mentioned it already, but forgot since I
can't post from work.

> Is this regression?


>> it's already fixed)?  I will need to remove my workaround of placing an
>> empty dummy at the end to try.
> I guess you are saying that the last package listed in setup.ini
> appears as orphaned, when you have a re-written setup.ini which only
> contains one version per package?

I've tested that again today.  The last package gets orphaned if there
is only a current section.  I believe that the last section is also not
processed, so in the standard Cygwin installation you'd not be able to
see the previous version of _update-info-dir.

> Which I can easily believe happens, due to the rather weird way that
> the data from a parser reduction is transferred into the package
> database.

All my packages only have a single (curr) version in the rewritten
setup.ini as I have different setup.ini files (or rather directories
they are in) for keeping older states of the installation around.  Some
of the processing seems to be associated with seeing the start of a new
package or a new section as I can make it process the last package
correctly if I either start a dummy package with absolutely no content
(just the "@ packagename" line) or a dummy section (either [prev] or
[test] works, again with no content).

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