Jon Turney writes:
> But (i) we still read and extract the ImageBase out of every DLL in
> the database, in case it's changed,

I think that's how it should be.  When you run rebase, you must consider
that something changed behind your back and fix it up or the users will
go mad.

> and (ii) rebaselst from autorebase seems to pass in a list of every
> DLL, not just the ones which have been added/removed by packaging
> changes, so I'm not entirely sure this is working as intended, or as
> well as it could...

Huh?  No, it shouldn't do that, the whole point of incremental rebase is
to only feed in those files we know have changed.  But it's very much
intentional that the files we _assume_ to be unchanged get checked by
rebase if that's true.  If you want to suss it out, look at the files in
/var/cache/rebase (these are from the latest run and the one before that
with suffix .old) and in /var/log/setup.log.full (I've made rebase
pretty verbose so one should be able to see where a problem occured just
from the log).

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