I hereby volunteer to  create and maintain a Cygwin package for NCO
(netCDF Operators), an extremely useful set of command-line utilities
for processing netCDF files.

Here is the Debian package page:


The authoritative source repository is now the one at GitHub.com:


The license is GPL


I can build NCO from source and intend soon to construct a package
with cygport (which I have not used before).

Prerequisite packages include GSL, netCDF, OpenDAP and UDUnits, all of
which are available as Cygwin packages.

The only obstacle that I can see it that one of the utilities (ncap2)
needs to link to a specific, now-outdated version of the ANTLR
library, for which there is a copy of the source here:


I don't think it would be a good idea to make a Cygwin package out of
that, so I need to work out how to build that along with NCO.

Mark Hadfield
51 Volga St
Wellington 6023, NZ

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