On Feb 22 13:36, David Macek wrote:
> On 22. 2. 2018 12:04, Mark Geisert wrote:
> > Been there, done that, even the "I'll have to try something else".  It's 
> > astounding how SeaMonkey, Pine, and probably gmane bork up the formatting 
> > of something that looks so benignly laid out to begin with.
> > 
> > After much experience putting up with these and other MUAs from us, Corinna 
> > really does know *the* solution that just works.  'git format-patch' 
> > followed by ''.
> Then I'll have to finally try `git send-email`.  Any important tips?

Only that you need a local MTA or direct access to a remote MTA for that.
Alternativaly, if you can skip the random decoding of spaces to =20 or
*attach* the result of `git format-patch' to a mail, that should work
with any MUA.


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