Hi Ken,

On Jul 23 16:12, Ken Brown wrote:
> According to POSIX, "The getpgrp() function shall always be successful
> and no return value is reserved to indicate an error."  Cygwin's
> getpgrp() is defined in terms of getpgid(), which is allowed to fail.

But it shouldn't fail for the current process.  Why should pinfo::init
fail for myself if it begins like this?

  if (myself && n == myself->pid)
      procinfo = myself;
      destroy = 0;

I fear this patch would only cover up the problem still persisting
under the hood.

> Change getpgrp() so that it doesn't fail even if getpgid() fails.

Instead of calling getpgid(0), we could just as well return
myself->pgid.  This never fails for sure.


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Maintainer

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