The following updates have been made to the Fedora Cygwin repository:

* The packaging scheme has been changed: cygwin32-* packages are now for 
i686-cygwin (and automatically replace their cygwin-* predecessors), 
cygwin64-* are for x86_64.

* Toolchains for F17, F18, and EL6 have been rebuilt.  Note that 
graphite support is only available on Fedora systems and, for now, only 
for the i686-cygwin target.  gcc-gnat has been added on F17/F18 for 
i686-cygwin target only.

* WARNING: F17 will be EOL'd in just over a month, at which time it will 
no longer be supported.

* Toolchain for F19 is now available.

* The following libraries have been updated or rebuilt for both i686 and 
x86_64: cygwin, bzip2, cloog-isl, cloog-ppl, crypt, expat, freetype, 
gettext, glib2, gmp, isl, libbfd, libedit, libffi, libiconv, libmpc, 
libpng, mpfr, ncurses, nettle, pcre, ppl, readline, w32api-*, zlib. 
Remaining 32-bit-only cygwin-* packages should continue to work with 
cygwin32-gcc until I have time to upgrade/rebuild them.

If you encounter any issues with the upgrade, please let me know through 
the usual channels.

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