Attached is an important announcement regarding new versions of Cygwin's setup*.exe installers. As soon as the mirrors are synced, these new versions (>=2.815) will be REQUIRED to install from the Cygwin Ports repository. The installation directions on the Ports website have been updated accordingly.

Also, please note that due to limitations of SourceForge's FRS, at this time *only* the mirrors are supported.

If you have any difficulties downloading from Ports, please let me know via the list.

Cygwin Ports
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We have updated the setup.exe executables on in preparation
for the upcoming release of Cygwin 1.7.22.

There are now two versions of setup.  setup-x86.exe will install and
update the 32-bit version of Cygwin.  setup-x86_64.exe will install and
update the 64-bit version of Cygwin.

Although it is not strictly necessary, it is a good idea to clear out
your download directory prior to running these programs.  The new setup
exe's create a different directory structure in the download directory
and do not recognize the old layout.  So, any files left over from
running older versions of setup.exe will be ignored by the new version
of setup.

Older setup.exe's will no longer work with the setup.ini files used by
the newer setup.exe versions so you'll definitely need to download the
new version of the setup program if you want to install or update

32-bit Cygwin setup:
64-bit Cygwin setup:

Or, just click on the links at .

The old setup version (which only installed the 32-bit version of
Cygwin) is still available and will be available for a few days.  But,
please don't rely on its continued existence.

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