Be sure that your $HOME variable is not set to the default windows location,
but set it to e.g. c:\cygwin\home\yourname. wmaker has a problem with
c:\Documents and Settings\....
"Quan Ding" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I just downloaded and installed Cygwin. The default
> window  manager : twm doesn't provide many
> functionality and it's hard to use. I don't even know
> how to change the windows size. (i'm a newbie). I
> found that there is wmaker.exe in X11R6/bin. So I
> replaced that with "twm &" in the file.
> But when I tried to run it. WindowMaker couldn't
> start, crashed all the time.
> So how do I use windowmaker instead of twm? (or does
> cygwin come with any other better window manager?)
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