> when I do a startx, I get a new window shell with properties different
> from the one on which I typed startx. The problem is I want to change
> the font size on this new window and I do not know how. 

I guess that in this case, you should put your startup code for the
terminals into ~/.xinitrc, where you can then specify the font to
be used (man xterm, or whatever terminal you are going to use).

> Also, is it
> possibly to directly open x11 without opening normal cygwin first?

This is how I am doing it. 

For this, I copied /usr/bin/X11/startxwin.bat into my autostart folder
(I prefered to copy it instead of creating a link, but this is a matter
of taste), and modified it. There is already one xterm to be started
in startxwin.bat, so you can add/modify yours according to your taste.

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