Thorsten Kampe wrote:
* Larry Hall (Cygwin X) (Mon, 27 Aug 2007 09:10:28 -0400)
On 08/25/2007, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
* I regularly "lose" the mouse pointer and I'm unable to the the cursor anymore in applications like Konsole (either natively or running as X client on a Linux host). The mouse still works if I "blindly" click somewhere, just the cursor is "gone". This happens with "-lesspointer" or without. Any ideas?
Known issue.  Use the option off the context menu of the X icon in your
status bar to show the cursor again.  That's the current work-around.

Okay, thanks, worked. Do you have some background information why this happens and when? Because I have the feeling that sometime it happens after a few minutes and sometimes after hours or not at all.

No, I don't.  You can check the email archives for more, though I don't
recall if there was more in the way of specific details or not.  It is
definitely a random occurrence.  I don't see it very much myself but I
do use the Xming server more regularly than the Cygwin version.

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