You might also want to check your firewall settings. Firewalls tend
to get real touchy when the signatures for binary files change.


Jon TURNEY wrote:
> jose isaias cabrera wrote:
>> Greetings!
>> I just ran setup and upgraded to the new cygwin and something has
>> broke.  I was able to run this command before,
>> xwin :0.0 -clipboard -query -fp tcp/
> I'm a bit suspicious of this command line as the server is called "XWin"
>> and I would get the login screen of the Solaris 10 XServer and I was
>> able to login.  Now, I get the login screen, but when try to enter the
>> login ID, when I type the first letter, the login screen refreshes and I
>> can never enter login id.  I have another cygwin setup that I have not
>> updated and that one works great.  Any ideas?  No XWin.log gets
>> created.  Nothing gets written on the cygwin DOS screen neither.
> Are you looking for XWin.log in /var/log ?
> If you open a cygwin bash shell, type the command to run the X server, you get
> no output at all?
> If you add -once to the command used to launch the server, does it exit after
> your first connection attempt? (if so, this tells me that the XDM or whatever
> you are trying to log in to is closing the connection when you type, for it's
> own reasons, or maybe it just doesn't like us anymore...)
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