* Eric Roode (Thu, 20 Nov 2008 06:21:37 -0500)
> I do check www.cygwin.com before doing (what I think is going to be) a
> routine upgrade. If there's nothing in the news there, I assume that
> what I'm getting is just an upgrade of existing packages that I
> already have installed. Is that such a foolish assumption?

The real problem is deeper: setup.exe is completely broken by design in 
respect to upgrading. If you choose "Install from Internet" it will 
silently choose to upgrade all your "outdated" packages without telling 
you or presenting you the automatically chosen packages. You have to 
click on View > Partial to be able to see that on the last screen. But 
who knows about that option - or who thinks of that?

You might simply want to install wget - and you end up with an update of 
and a completely broken X.

Yaakov did a hell of a job[1], but I think he knew that - and I think 
this is not exaggerated -  probably more than fifty percent of all 
existing Cygwin X installations would be more or less broken after the 

[1] "hell of a job" meaning something positive

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