Here's a copy of a post I sent previously about Solaris and X server
issues. Could be useful in this context.

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You know, as it so happens, I've been tracking down a solution to a
similar problem I just started experiencing today. In my case though,
I just upgraded from Ubuntu 8.04 to 8.10, and I'm trying to connect
to a Solaris 10 box. I can connect, and certain applications work
just fine, but a couple (in particular running a Java app withing
Firefox 2.x), as soon as a type anything in a form field, Firefox
crashes hard with XKEYBOARD resource errors. Based on what I've
found today, the problem looks like it might be an X configuration
error on the Solaris side, and it relates to Xorg versioning issues.
Specifically, my Solaris 10 installation is using older versions
of Xorg-related files; the new version of Ubunutu and, I gather, of
the Cygwin/X server use new Xorg files.

I'm in the process of applying a bunch of update patches to my
Solaris box. In particular, patch 119059-45 was identified on We'll
see if it works.

Anyway, don't know if this might be any help to you.
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Hope this helps,


fourkidsco wrote:

I made the mistake of upgrading today and it has killed me.

I am trying to bring a xwindow up from a Solaris 9 server to my Windows XP
laptop running cygwin.

So a few things out of the way:

- Yes, I have read the FAQ.  I am not setting XKeysymDB in any way and
various fixes proposed in this an other posting areas don't work.  I have
followed everything in the FAQ to the letter to no avail.

- I blew away my entire installation and reinstalled from scratch, so there
are no stray startxwin.bat files around

- I tried starting from the Start menu -> Cygwin/X, from startxwin.bat, etc

- I patched the Solaris system I am touching but it didn't fix anything.

I can get an xterm to come up and it types just fine.  But when I bring my
app up, typing kills the window resulting in a core dump on the Solaris

There is nothing of note in any local logs (on my laptop).  No errors, no

I do get a core file on the Solaris system, but I can't tell if anything in
it tells me anything.

I understand that this is an ongoing problem, but is there anything I have

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