Rajesh Advani wrote:
> I had the exact same problem, and a couple of others including missing
> "adobe" fonts.
> Here are the packages I installed, to get over font related issues. I may
> have installed a few extra ones.
> font-adobe-dpi100 - To fix the "adobe" font issues
> font-adobe-dpi75  - To fix the "adobe" font issues
> font-bitstream-dpi100 - Just in case
> font-bitstream-dpi75 - Just in case
> font-bitstream-type1 - Just in case
> font-bitstream-vera-ttf - Just in case
> font-misc-misc - I think I read something somewhere on the internet which
> led me to install this. Don't remember.
> xorg-scripts - I had trouble with xinit - (specifically the X Win Server
> shortcut not working from D drive which I've mentioned in another post)

My solution was, at the very least, to re-run setup.exe and to install the
package "font-misc-misc".  Once I did that, XWin stopped hanging and xterm
and xclock ran without a hitch.

I found this nugget of information buried deep in the 
http://www.nabble.com/forum/Reply.jtp?post=21828473 Cygwin/X FAQ page ,
section 9.4, sub-item 1.  To quote:

"You do not have a font package which provides the default font ('fixed')
installed. This is rarely the problem; but in the event that it is the
problem, just rerun Cygwin's setup.exe, select the font-misc-misc package
and install it."

I find the phrase "This is rarely the problem" to be ironic, considering
that it seems to be the most common, based on what I've read.

The problem (lately) is that font-misc-misc is a prerequisite, but it is not
(no longer?) flagged as one by setup.exe when you choose the various xorg

The packages I installed were...
+ xauth
+ xclock
+ xcursor-themes
+ xhost
+ xinit
+ xkbcomp
+ xkeyboard-config
+ xmodmap
+ xorg-server
+ xrdb 
+ xterm
None of these flagged font-misc-misc, but when I installed the font package
manually, the above packages all started working.

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