Hi, I think I managed to obtain the cygcheck.out, which I attached after having 
added C:\cygwing\bin to the path of windows.
Yes I am not an expert of unix and I am sorry, but I need this application to 
run  Matlab on a cluster in interactive fashion.

Another question: normally when I launched cygwin on my old laptop, there was a 
prompt telling my working directory, now I just get bash-3.2, why is that?

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I'm getting the feeling that you're not used to Unix/Linux or command-line
oriented environments.  If that's the case, you may want to rethink about
using Cygwin or look up a tutorial or two on Unix/Linux to help you get

The reason what you typed didn't work is because you are in a directory
which isn't in your path and you didn't say where to find 'cygcheck'.  You
need to do one of the following:

   1. Use the fully qualified path (i.e. c:\bin\cygcheck.exe)
   2. Use the relative path to specify the current directory (i.e. 
   3. Add c:\bin to your Windows path so you don't have to do either of 1 or 2.

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