On 2015-01-05 05:31, Laurens Blankers wrote:
When using PuTTY with X11 forwarding enabled X clients are no longer
able to connect to the X server running locally. When reverting back to
1.3.2-1 the problem goes away.

This may be related to the -nolisten tcp which is now the default[1]. If
this is indeed the case it would be create of adding the '-listen' flag
to startxwin could be added to the FAQ. Or another, more secure,
solution would also be appreciated.

Wait, are you talking about a Windows version of PuTTY? Then that makes sense, as it would be unable of using the *NIX socket typically used by local X clients, and I am indeed able to duplicate that behaviour. I can't think of an alternative to -listen if you wish to use a Windows PuTTY (or, for that matter, any MinGW-compiled X client) with Cygwin/X. This will be added to the FAQ in due course.

However, a Cygwin PuTTY does not have that limitation, and X11 forwarding works just fine as is. (If there is interest, I can easily add this to the distribution.) Similarly, the Cygwin (open)ssh obviously has no problems with X11 forwarding either.

BTW, reverting this behaviour isn't an option either, as it will actually become the upstream default in the next major release of the X server.



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