On 2015-01-05 05:46, Laurens Blankers wrote:
As requested [1] a separate thread for suggesting improvements to xinit,
in order to solve some of the issues people have been having since the
release of 1.3.4-1 [2].

1. Handling of empty .startxwinrc
Given the new behaviour of startxwin having an empty is never a correct
configuration. It would be really nice if startxwin could check for a
zero length .startxwinrc and in that case just start the X server
without any programs, as it used to do in 1.3.2-1. This would solve a
problem reported several times [3, 4] and also solve the problem of
having an icon on the task bar for 'sleep inf' [5].

And what if it's not zero-length but still blank?

2. Adding a hint about 'sleep inf' to the FAQ
Not everyone reads the release notes, most people, when running into
problems will read the FAQ first. How about adding an entry similar to
this one:

Q: startxwin exits immediately on start-up without error
A: ~/.startxwinrc must be executable and block or else X server will
exist, adding a 'sleep inf' to the end of the file should help, also see [2]

Yes, something along these lines should be added to the FAQ soon.

3. Adding 'listen' option to the FAQ

See my response to your PuTTY thread.

4. Semantic versioning
Signalling major changes in the version number makes it a lot easier to
find the problem, at least for me. Semantic versioning [7] suggest does
thing. Practically this would have mend calling the latest release
2.0.0-1 rather than 1.3.4-1. No additional effort required, but a clear
signal to people to read the release notes.

xinit -- the startx and xinit parts -- is an upstream X.Org package, and they determine the package version. The startxwin components are Cygwin-specific additions to the package, as they have been since we first released modular X11R7.4. Therefore, changing the version in this way isn't a viable option here.

However, from personal experience, I disagree that a different version number would have made a bit of difference. Either people will read the announcements -- and the subject of mine should have indicated that this wasn't a routing update -- or they won't.


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