A new version of 'gnuplot' has been uploaded to a server near you.

 o Update to latest upstream release.
 o Build for cygwin 1.7.34 with gcc-4.9.2
 o Build against libpng16, libgd3

gnuplot NEWS:
Changes in final release of 5.0
* CHANGE reorder PostScript dash types to match other terminals
* CHANGE disable the wxt toolbar when the plot is left in -persist mode
* FIX lt 0 rendering by libgd and qt terminals
* FIX paxis tic and range settings were not being saved
* FIX ignore unwanted delta_y so that it doesn't cause problems for logscale y
* FIX more complete tests for validity of linked axis inverse mapping function
* FIX cairo terminals dashed-line rendering in 3D plots
* FIX wxt terminal assert/segfault failures when linked against wxgtk3.0
* FIX 'set log x' should not affect the sampling variable in a sampled plot 
* FIX windows terminal font encoding issues
* FIX 'pause mouse' interactions for MSWin terminals

Changes in 5.0.rc3

* NEW new command set {xyz}tics {timedate|geographic|numeric} sets axis->tictype
* NEW add the tictype keywords to set format {axis} {time|geographic|numeric}
* NEW format modifier 't' in timedate mode indicates a time rather than a date
* NEW export-to-file toolbar widget for wxt terminal
* CHANGE separate input format (axis->datatype) and output format 
* CHANGE report and save xyz position using time coordinates if appropriate
* CHANGE emulate v4 syntax for timecolumn(<single-param>)
* CHANGE revised v5 "fit" syntax does not match -rc1 and -rc2
* CHANGE auto-detect and accept v4 "fit" syntax
* CHANGE remove obsolete terminals aed and v384
* FIX "splot ... with dots" was not drawing the dots
* FIX revert arrowhead changes introduced in -rc1
* FIX lua terminal support for LT_NODRAW, RGBA linecolors
* FIX stats code was confusing x- and y- dimensions of matrix data
* FIX track :Italic and :Bold given in "set term" for cairo terminals
* FIX if $2 is NaN, plot FOO using 1:(oops=f($2)) should set oops to NaN

Changes in 5.0.rc2

* NEW grey out key entries when corresponding plot is toggled off
* NEW allow parenthesized expressions as call parameters
* NEW set margins <left>, <right>, <top>, <bottom>
* NEW set trange [theta_min:theta_max] filters input data in polar plots
* NEW "set mouse zoomfactors <xfact>,<yfact>"
* NEW New matrix keywords for text data: "columnheaders" and "rowheaders"
* CHANGE apply "set key {no}enhanced}" to the key title
* CHANGE scale dashlength with line width
* CHANGE respond to left mouse click on press rather than on release
* CHANGE remove bf_test dependence on all other gnuplot files and libraries
* CHANGE apply default rectangle style during "set obj" rather than when drawn
* FIX wxgtk3 requires initialization of Xthreads
* FIX width adjustment for long key title in multicolumn keys
* FIX treat data value read as "NaN" the same as we would "1/0"
* FIX handle pointtype PT_CHARACTER in 3D plots
* FIX do not store long strings (e.g. epslatex_header) in terminal options array
* FIX [maybe] extra resize of initial qt window may fix problems on OSX, Debian
* FIX handling of events triggered by closing the qt plot window
* FIX refresh of plot with log-scaled color box
* FIX MSWin pipe issues
* FIX if terminal is in "monochrome" mode, convert color requests to black
* FIX apply user-defined line colors to text color also
* FIX Fix y extent and clipping of rectangles with y<0 or inverted axes
* FIX dashtype bugs in rectangles, arrows, and probably other things

New features, changes and fixes in gnuplot version 5.0

* NEW The dashtype property on any line can be seperately controlled
* NEW custom dashtypes
* NEW LFS support for datafiles
* NEW timecolumn(col,"timeformat') now requires 2nd parameter, the format
* NEW 'set view map {scale}' allows resizing a 3D projection plot
* NEW 'nodraw' keyword to suppress lines (e.g. in style linespoints)
* NEW bold/italic text markup in enhanced text mode
* NEW bit-shifing binary operators << and >>
* NEW stat calculates skewness, kurtosis, and standard errors
* NEW function plugins, e.g. 'import f(x) from "plugins.so"'
* NEW option to tabulate all input columns "set table; plot ... with table" 
* NEW smoothing option "mcsplines" for piecewise monotonic cubic splines
* NEW 'history !N' reexecutes the command at history entry N.
* NEW 'set history {size <N>} {quiet|numbers} {full|trim} {default}'
* NEW piecewise functions via separate sampling ranges for each plot element
* NEW function hsv2rgb(H,S,V) creates a 24-bit RGB value
* NEW plot title can be placed next to the plot line in the graph proper
* NEW inline data can be stored for reuse in named data blocks
* NEW 'set print|table $datablock' to redirect output to a named data block
* NEW hypertext labels can be displayed on mouse-over
* NEW geographic (Degrees Minutes Seconds) data axes
* NEW set arrow <tag> from <start> length <len> angle <ang>
* NEW arrow style keywords "noborder" and "fixed"
* NEW the high bits of RGB colors are treated as an alpha channel
* NEW 'set surface explicit' disables automatic generation of a surface mesh 
* NEW 'set link [x2|y2]' ties secondary axis range to the primary axis
* NEW 'set link x2 via f(x) inverse g(x)' introduces generic nonlinear axes
* NEW linked axes can be used to place x2 and y2 labels on 3D plots in map mode
* NEW 'set key opaque' works for 3D plots also
* NEW x11 terminal is aware of current and requested plot aspect ratio
* NEW x11 support for toggling plots on/off with left mouseclick on the key
* NEW post term can use /FlateDecode to reduce the size of embedded images
* NEW 'set fit quiet|results|brief|verbose' changes fit's verbosity
* NEW fit optionally stores final covariances to user variables
* NEW fit command takes errors of independent variables into account
* NEW 'set multiplot next/previous'
* NEW 'set contours; splot FOO with labels' places labels on the contour lines
* NEW Additional levels of user-specified axis tics
* NEW complex math routines cerf, cdawson, erfi, faddeeva from libcerf if 
* NEW i/v/V hotkeys to toggle all plots on the screen on/off
* NEW 'set mrtics'   (minor tics on polar axis)
* NEW 'reset session'
* NEW call argument convention ARGC, ARG0 ARG1 ... ARG<ARGC>
* NEW shell invocation gnuplot -c scriptfile ARG1 ARG2 ARG3
* NEW format %h is like %g but uses LaTeX or enhanced markup for the exponent
* NEW LaTeX terminals use math mode for axis tic labels
* NEW Interrupt scripts or fits by pressing Ctrl-C in Windows console mode
      gnuplot or Ctrl-Break in wgnuplot.
* NEW optional faster windows terminal variant using GDI+
* NEW plot option to "skip N" lines at start of an ascii data file
* NEW interactive color character art terminal "caca"
* CHANGE mouse events are handled even when the program is not waiting on stdin
* CHANGE mouse wheel and +/- keys zoom centered on current mouse position
* CHANGE Provide kdensity bandwidth via a keyword rather than a data column
* CHANGE Pipe (popen/pclose) emulation within wgnuplot
* CHANGE 'set [xyz]axis ... reverse' affects only auto-scaling
* CHANGE Revised handling of NaN in input data stream
* CHANGE Remove the BACKWARDS_COMPATIBLE build option (deprecated since v4.0)
* CHANGE The number of valid columns in the first line of a data line
         is used to decide the interpretation of all lines in the file.
* CHANGE Automake 1.12 imposes an absolute requirement for C prototypes
* CHANGE binary plot options are less order-dependent, but may be persistent
* CHANGE leave axis log base non-zero so gprintf format %L works on linear axes
* CHANGE time calcs use the standard epoch date 01-jan-1970 rather than 2000
* CHANGE fit options are controlled via `set fit` instead of FIT_ variables
* CHANGE fit defaults to brief one-line progress reports
* CHANGE fit 'prescale's parameters by default
* CHANGE new fit syntax to specify errors in dependent and independent variables
* CHANGE treat empty field in a csv file as "missing" rather than "bad"
* CHANGE strip \r from data lines on input so that DOS format *.csv can be read
* CHANGE Use Sutherland-Hodgman algorithm for clipping polygons and filled 
* CHANGE Maximum number of fit dimensions increased to 12 (was 5).
* CHANGE pgnuplot no longer included in binary distribution
* CHANGE new implementation of Airy function (much higher precision)
* CHANGE 'call' arguments are evaluated to yield a string if at all possible
* CHANGE reworked qt driver for use with qt5, much faster rendering
* CHANGE gnuplot-mode (emacs plugin) now maintained as a separate project
* CHANGE autoscaled impulse plots will extend to y=0
* CHANGE object borders can have dashtype and other line properties
* FIX Hitting ^C twice will forcibly terminate wxt if server connection is lost


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