I'm accustomed to start X via a shortcut which runs the command:

C:\cygwin\bin\run.exe --quote /usr/bin/bash.exe -l \
-c "cd; /usr/bin/startxwin -- -listen"

This was working, but now doesn't, with the following shown in the log

Welcome to the XWin X Server
Vendor: The Cygwin/X Project
OS: CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW sothis 1.7.34(0.285/5/3) 2015-02-04 12:12 i686
OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 [Windows NT 6.1 build 7601] (WoW64)
Package: version 1.17.1-2 built 2015-02-23

XWin was started with the following command line:

/usr/bin/XWin :0 -listen -auth /home/william/.serverauth.4460

ddxProcessArgument - Initializing default screens
winInitializeScreenDefaults - primary monitor w 1366 h 768
winInitializeScreenDefaults - native DPI x 96 y 96
_XSERVTransTransListen: unable to find transport: -auth
Failed to enable listen for -auth transportUnrecognized option:
use: X [:<display>] [option]
-a #                   default pointer acceleration (factor)
-ac                    disable access control restrictions
-audit int             set audit trail level


[  4635.990] (II) Server terminated successfully (0). Closing log


I can't make sense out of what this is telling me about why X failed
to start.

General remark/gripe:

I realize the recent overhaul to xinit must have helped some people,
but for me it has been an utter disaster.  X seems to be much more
fragile now and it's been impossible to work with the ease of before
the changes.


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