Paul wrote:
If I disable auto-wrap, the vi editing at the comand line misbehaves
when the line being edited is long, especially when yanking a lot of
text and pasting it.  I suppose that this might be technically correct
behaviour, since an extra long command line needs to wrap in order to
see it properly.  But I use the vi command line exclusively, and
almost always, I don't want autowrap in the results from commands
being sent to the screen.  Is there a way to get both at the same
time, without having to always toggle the xterm autowrap?
What do you mean by "mess up"?  It "shouldn't".  I just cut and pasted some text
from an xterm into an editor, and the lines weren't split... they got copied as
one line.

However, if I was to cut from a Windows Console window (cmd.exe for example),
it DOES, physically, split long lines.

It's a property of the console.

The main problem I've seen in bash is when you paste content that has
tabs in it. Then bash tries to auto complete in the middle of your typing... often asking a question or pausing -- which means it *swallows* up the tab and 1-2 keys after the tab.

It didn't use to do this back in the 3.x series, but was added as a new
feature in the 4.x series.
I ended up changing my "completion character" to BACKQUOTE to try to get
around this.
Maybe tabs are causing your problem?

Example.  At a prompt, I typed:
cat "<CR>
<completion char>

(I hit enter after that first quote and went to the next line and hit
my completion char (BACKQUOTE "`"), Then I got:
cat "

Display all 186 possibilities? (y or n)
At this point, whatever character is next in my paste buffer will be
swallowed up (in addition to the completion character).


Since the long line cut/paste worked for me in 'xterm', that's why I
thought maybe you were hitting bash'es "input mangling"-feature!...

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