On 04/06/2015 02:41, Eliot Moss wrote:
I just updated to the latest XWin and got some
different behaviors:

- In my .XWinrc file I was using MINIMIZE in the STYLES.  This now seems
   to permanently iconize a window.  If I click on the icon, it briefly
   flahses large and then iconizes again.

Thanks for reporting this.

This regression seems to be a side-effect of the change I made in 1.17.1-5.

If you would like to try it, I made a snapshot which hopefully fixes this without breaking anything else, but when working on this code I always get the feeling that something else is going to unravel when I pull on one of the loose ends :)


- When using -geometry (with xemacs in particular), the height of the
   screen seems different, and if I change the geometry height by 1, the
   height of the window does not change by 1 -- it either doesn't change,
   or changes by more than one.

Hmmm.... I think that the size of the emacs window is (or at least, should be) constrained so it can only change by a whole character?

Can you give a bit more detail e.g. what version you were using previously, the geometry you are requesting and the actual size of the window as reported by xwininfo?

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