so the X graphic that started appearing floating in the top left corner of a 
screen, but no longer does, had some sort of menu associated with it? Who knew?

Yes, new notification bar icon (occasionally two?) has xterm option in pop up 
menu in pop up window of all notification icons, of which there are alas many. 
How to restore old launch-an-xterm-at-x-launch behaviour?

Think it would be good if the Cygwin installer threw vital changes to behaviour 
in packages (like the one referenced below) in face to click through before 
doing installs. If it's a deliberate change, document it in the installer 
loading in package-specific readmes so that user accepts the change before 
discovery and being launched into the unknown,

'Detected two mouse buttons, so emulating three' / 'Detected more than two 
mouse buttons, so assuming three are available' seems easy enough.
From: Jon TURNEY <>
Sent: Friday, 24 July 2015 11:04:34 PM
Cc: Wood L  Dr (Electronic Eng)
Subject: Re: X no longer spawning windows after update

On 24/07/2015 01:27, wrote:
> Updated cygwin 32-bit with installer, now X no longer spawning
> windows or terminal on launch. Just seems to hang after running
> startxwin. Is there anything obvious in the log below?

I think what you are seeing is the deliberate change described in the
last bullet point of [1]

The log you provide looks normal.


> (--) 8 mouse buttons found
> (eight mouse buttons? on a three-button mouse?)

The value logged here comes from GetSystemMetrics(SM_CMOUSEBUTTONS)

Some USB mice seem to report incorrect values.  I'm guessing this is
something like the maximum number of buttons the microcontroller inside
can support, rather than the number which are actually physically present.

This value is only used to see if it's not 2, in which case
-emulate3buttons is enabled by default.

I'm not sure what can be done about this, except perhaps changing
"found" to "reported" :D

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