On 10/7/2015 11:48 AM, Ken Brown wrote:
On 10/7/2015 11:20 AM, Gulliver Smith wrote:
I ask this question from time to time just in case someone new sees it
and decides to work on it or others might agree that it is a priority.
Other people have raised this over the last few years as well.

The issue is that I would like to raise windows from within a program
(Emacs to be precise), but it doesn't work with the native window
manager running in multiwindow mode.

Emacs has several nice commands for which I have not-so-nice work
arounds (opening and closing windows). These are:

(raise-frame f)
(iconify-frame f)
(decionify-frame f)
(make-frame-visible f)

None of these work with Cygwin X.

Please give a detailed recipe for reproducing the problem.

Never mind. I searched the archive and found the details in an earlier post of yours:


Here's what I found when I tried to reproduce the problem:

>> (raise-frame f)

I agree that this doesn't work. But there's a post by Oliver Schmidt (https://sourceware.org/ml/cygwin-xfree/2011-08/msg00047.html) purporting to have a fix for this. There is later discussion in which Jon Turney had some questions about the patch, but I didn't read all of it. Jon, was this ever resolved?

>> (iconify-frame f)

This works.

>> (decionify-frame f)

There's no such function in GNU emacs (even after correcting the obvious typo).

>> (make-frame-visible f)

This seems to be working. Maybe you're misunderstanding what "visible" means in this context (or maybe I am). The frame is initially visible, even if other windows are hiding it, as evidenced by the fact that (frame-visible-p f) evaluates to something non-nil ('icon' if the frame is iconified, 't' otherwise). If I now make it invisible by evaluating (make-frame-invisible f), both the frame and its icon disappear. There's no way to bring it to the front by using Alt-Tab. The frame and icon reappear if I now evaluate (make-frame-visible f).

In summary, the only problem I see is with raise-frame, and maybe that one is fixable. We'll have to wait to hear from Jon and/or Oliver.


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