On 10/06/2016 18:05, mathog wrote:
On 09-Jun-2016 17:55, mathog wrote:
Last time around the start bat script was just:

@echo off
set CYGXTOP=%~dp0
chdir "%CYGXTOP%\var\log\xwin"
move XWin.0.log.1 XWin.0.log.2
move XWin.0.log XWin.0.log.1
chdir "%CYGXTOP%\bin"
start Xwin :0 -multiwindow

Is there some reason that a similar cut down bat file would not work
with the current cygwin X11 server? (With "-listen tcp" plus a windows
firewall rule to only let it talk to localhost.)

Usually, the fastest way to answer that kind of question is to try it :)

In a regular CMD shell navigated to the bin directory and did:

start Xwin :0 -multiwindow -listen tcp

and it worked.  So none of the current start script seems to be
necessary if the only
goal is to start the X11 server.  It seems to work normally, at least by
the criterion that xdpyinfo returns the same information as for the
other starts.

Yes, if running XWin doesn't actually start the server, that would be a bug

On a related note - are there any situations where the X11 server itself
(not something in its startup script) will start a subprocess and run a
different binary?  For instance, some sort of font search operation, or
perhaps some conditional load of an X11 feature which isn't normally
started, or some funny kind of cut and paste operation on the Window side?

There are only 2 cases I can think of:

- The xserver runs xkbcomp during start up to compile the keyboard map
- Menu items in Xwinrc which use the EXEC instruction

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