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 2018 Alston-Kenner Fast-D. 3 4 1 E.-Central., Webster, Fl-33597

Home it's where i post memes, jokes and reactiongifs and stuff related to game 
development. r/totallynotrobots this is simply a safe space for humans to 
interact without any robots. we are all humans and not robots. we enjoy human 
activities like eating and playing mindless video games. feel to join, unless 
you are a robot. who doesn't know about this? human, why are you shouting? 
/youhavethefloor r/complimentbattles /bigfeetgirls so a bunch of serena 
williams pictures? /tyhousemods r/nsfwskype r/drugs /users - no idea how i 
found this /bryce r/deepphilosophy for ridiculous

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