Yeah I know. the giant wolf. please no. leave kanan's character alone, he had 

 Alternative To Oxycoton 

 A retired physician who was experiencing never-ending pain discovers a novel 
way to manage pain and even inflammation. 

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no political allegiance other than it makes little sense that kids get shot and 
some politicians and lobbyists are nuzzling each other over some archaic rule 
made by a bunch of wig wearing dudes that included slave owners, most who 
didn't think women should vote and wanted to be able to use their fairly 
reasonable muskets.


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The jet stream, an area of fast moving winds high up in the atmosphere (four to 
eight miles), became incredibly wavy during the heat wave, formingwhat is known 
as an omega block. While an omega block may sound like something straight out 
of a sci-fi movie, it has a much simpleratmospheric origin. When the jet stream 
getswavy, it can occasionally look like the Greek letter omega. Try to see it 
for yourself in the figure above of 300hPa (jet stream level) average winds 
during the heat wave.These blockages occur when a high pressure is 
lockedbetween two low pressures on either side. OverEurope, this high allowed 
hot air from the tropics to move north and essentially get trapped over Europe. 
Clear skies allowed for the temperaturesto rise even further, creating a 
stronger dome ofhigh pressure,reinforcing the already stagnant omega 
blockatmospheric pattern. The high pressure blocked any potential low pressure 
systems from movingover Europe, instead pushing them to the north,like a large 
boulder diverting water in a stream.The omega block over Europe eventually 
weakened and moved east by the end of the second week of July, allowing cooler 
temperatures to prevail.

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