things like "shear stregnth in building struts... ". do any specifically 
mention building 7? just curious. the articles are confirmation that the
 i had a sony mp3 player that had like a tiny 1" screen and the thing just 
worked and worked. one charge could last for more than a day, and it was just 
fantastic. eventually it stopped charging, and i haven't found a small mp3 
player i have liked since. i had a 40gb ipod video. (aka the ipod clic before 
it became "clic") i remember using it for watching anime and other tv shows in 
highschool. when the ipod touch came out, it was amazing: suddenly, the screen 
was about 3 times the size and you didn't have to use the touch wheel (as good 
as it was) to input everything. bought one second hand a while back and loved 
it. put it through the wash though. i

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