I've been using gcc and other tools in older versions of cygwin with
32-bit Windows XP and Vista from windows command prompt (cmd.exe)
without problems. But now I'm using 64-bit Windows 7, and some command
line tools like gcc.exe do not work anymore (from cmd.exe). They do
work ok from Cygwin's bash.

The message I get when trying to run gcc in cmd.exe is: "Access is denied."

Anyway, only some tools don't work, e.g. 'ls' works ok from cmd.exe.

I noticed that all cygwin tools that are actually symbolic links to
somehere else (just like /bin/gcc.exe and some others) are the
problematic tools.
Also /bin/gcc.exe has System rights (as seen by Attrib command of
windows), while tools that do work have only Archive rights.

So the I guess the problem is related to how symbolic links are
created and with what rights.

Anyone else tried this? Any solutions?


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