On 23/03/2011 16:19, marco atzeri wrote:

> May be as they are now available from cygwin-1.7.8 ?

  Yes indeed (and this is why I didn't see any errors during the compiler
testsuite), I just had a quick look at the libgfortran autoconfigury, it
provides replacements for those functions when the standard libm doesn't
contain them.  Now that they are in the cygwin dll, libgfortran doesn't need
to provide them anymore but this has the unfortunate side-effect of breaking
old executables, since on Windows an imported function reference in an
executable has to specify not just the function name but also the particular
DLL from which the import comes.

  I imagine that on ELF platforms where the executable just has a list of
undefined functions and a list of shared libs to load and the dynamic linker
just satisfies an undefined symbol from whichever lib it first comes across a
definition of it, this probably works without anything needing changing.  But
we're stuck I'm afraid when exports move around like this.

  Sorry, looks like you'll need to respin after all.


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