Hi James,
On 2016-09-15 22:47, David Karr wrote:
When I run mintty, the background is white, and normal text is black.
This is fine.  However, there are some applications that are
displaying text in other colors, many of which are fine, but some apps
display some text in yellow, which on a white background is almost

For instance, the display from Cassandra's "cqlsh" shows the results
of queries in black, purple (probably not quite right), and yellow.
The worst part is, it's using yellow for the column values.

Is there any way to control this, in general (obviously, not just for
cqlsh output)?
Set Mintty's yellow colour to be something legible against your chosen
background colour.

(Come to think of it, I should rebase my old GUI colour selection patch.
  I probably should update Mintty anyway.  But all that would require
Mintty has meanwhile support for colour schemes ("themes") and cooperates with the Color Scheme Designer for that purpose, which I consider an excellent solution and easier to use than individual colour configuration.


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